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 The clinic is fifteen (16) sessions, beginning in November and ending April.

 Children skate in groups according to their ability.  You can miss a session and continue where you left off when you return.

Young Children, 5 year olds, may not weigh enough to stand up.  We will inform you if there is a problem.    

The Clinic is approximately three (3) Sundays a month at 7:00 AM

We don’t skate when it snows over (one) 1 inch or when a school holiday affects children.

Required Hockey Equipment:   Skates, helmet w/facemask, gloves, elbow and shin guards.  (We do not supply any of this equipment).

 A sweat suit is appropriate clothing to wear.  If available you may purchase a SIIHA hockey jersey upon registration or at a later date for approximately $30.00. 

Place the skater’s first name on the front and rear of the helmet for identification by the instructors, using masking tape.

Skates must fit properly and should be sharpened, they should be smaller than or equal to the child’s shoe size, don’t purchase skates for next year’s use.  Elbow and shin guards are worn under the sweat suite.

If you need to purchase equipment, we recommend:   JT Sporting Goods (Located in the Staten Island Skating Pavilion), 3080 Arthur Kill Road 10309. (718) 605-5771.   Ask for John and tell him your child is in the FREE Sunday clinic. He will fit your child with the proper equipment.

Visit our website:  or Email us at

 Check your Email on Saturday nights.  If there is a change in schedule, we will send out the information prior to 9:00 PM.  If you do not have Email, try calling by phone.  However, we can’t guarantee you will receive the updated information by telephone.  

Information we feel you should be aware of:

Ice Skating and Ice Hockey are considered a dangerous sport by some. All skaters are going to fall. In the case

of new skaters, this is constantly. You should be aware of this fact and you dress your child with good

protective equipment. In our FAQ letter we indicated mandatory equipment. The equipment indicated in our

FAQ letter is the minimum amount of equipment necessary for a new skater. Boys should wear a cup. As a

skater skills and ability increases, additional equipment will be recommended. If and when a skater progresses

to the stick level, they will be required to wear additional safety equipment.

Be aware that the SIIHA has been around over 39 years and is experienced in what and what not to do on the

ice. Here are some of the rules.

1. Parents are just spectators and chauffeurs, they are not instructors or part of our staff, and therefore,

their expertise is not solicited nor desired.

2. Come at least 15 minutes before you are scheduled to go on the ice to dress and register (sign in) for

that session.

3. Skaters must wear their protective equipment.

4. We are not members of USA Hockey. We are an independent organization and not governed by

their rules or requirements.

5. Insurance. Skaters do not receive primary medical insurance from us. We only provide limited

secondary medical insurance as a supplement to your own Medical Insurance. As far as Liability

insurance you skate at your own risk. Do not put your child in jeopardy if you don’t understand our

limited coverage then don’t allow your child to participate in our program.

6. No parent is allowed on the ice.

7. Parents should not stay by the boards where your child is skating. This is distracting to both the

child and the instructor. Please sit or stand in the bleaches. You will get a good view from there.

8. Learn to skate. We find a 99.9% success rate for Children 6 and over. The success rate drops to

about 80% for skaters who have reached their 5th birthday. The cause for this drop in our success

varies but is manly due to a child’s attention span, weight (not heavy enough to gain friction with the

ice), communication skills, or just not being ready to skate.

9. Any child who is aggressive to another child will be removed from the ice.

10. Since our instruction is FREE, we teach in groups. We can only commit our instructors for a limited

amount of time for individual skaters.

11. We only allow one session for a child to stand and move without assistance. If this skill level is

not reached by the end of the first session, we inform the parents. You may bring the child

back again after 60 days to try again.

12. If you miss an ice session, don’t panic. Each session is redundant and the skater remains within their

assigned skill group until they successfully complete that skill level.

13. We do not make up canceled ice sessions.

14. Upon receipt of an application please return it to the PO Box indicated in our letterhead. If you

receive the application less than one week prior to the next ice session bring it with you. However,

an email must be sent to inform us that you will be attending the next session.

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